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  • Does Gecko Switch support dimmer switches?
    Yes, we realize that the dimmer is an important and common type of light switch used in many homes. So we designed this function into the Gecko Switch.
  • Does Gecko Switch support fluorescent lights?
    Yes, Gecko Switch can work with incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lighting. We will provide a full list of all compatible light bulbs we have tested on our website.
  • Does Gecko Switch work with 220 Volts?
    Yes, the Gecko Switch supports AC100v-240v.
  • Is the Gecko Switch waterproof?
    No, almost all electrical switches are not waterproof including the Gecko Switch. Be careful and avoid exposing light switches to water.
  • What mobile devices are supported?

    iPhone 4S or newer.

    iPad 3 or newer (includes iPad mini, iPad air).

    Android 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support.

  • What wireless standard does the Gecko Switch use?
    The Gecko Switch employs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This technology is not only energy saving, but also supported by most smartphones, allowing you to control the switch directly using iPhone or iPad. There is no need to buy extra smart hub or smart bridge, or link the Gecko Switch into your existing wireless network. We keep your life simple.
  • What is the size of Gecko Switch?
    We designed Gecko Switch to fit into the standard 1 gang handy box.
  • What is the range of the Gecko Switch?
    Up to 300 feet unobstructed line-of-sight.
  • Can I control the Gecko Switch from another city?
    To protect our home from internet hacking, we designed Gecko Switch to be used within your home. No Wi-Fi or internet is used to operate the Gecko Switch. So hackers cannot gain access to your house remotely via internet through the Gecko Switch, as opposed to other smart Wi-Fi devices which leave your house exposed.
  • Will Gecko Switch work with a three-way compatible switch?
    No, Gecko Switch is not compatible with three-way multi-location control switches. However combining one Base Switch, one Gecko Switch and our smartphone app, you do get multi-way and multi-location control of your light.
  • Do I need to buy an extra smart hub like with other smart devices?
    No, you control your light directly with the Gecko Switch. You don’t need to buy an extra smart hub or smart bridge or anything else for that matter. The Gecko Switch is a self-contained system. We keep your life simple.

Install & Operation

  • How to install Gecko & Base Switches?
    For the Gecko Switch, just paste it the place you want. For the Base Switch, it’s as easy as installing a traditional light switch. There is no difference between installing our Base Switch and a traditional light switch. We will provide a video to demonstrate how simple it is.
  • How often does the Gecko Switch’s battery need replacing?
    Using alkaline batteries around 9 months. Using rechargeable batteries, around 6 months. But better for our planet.
  • How to change batteries of Gecko Switch?
    Batteries are placed underneath the press button. There are just two steps to open the press button to replace the batteries.

    1. Move your finger to the semi-circle shaped dip at the bottom of the press button.

    2. Use your nail to force open the press button by pulling upwards and out.

  • Do I need an additional neutral line to install the Base Switch?
    Absolutely not. The Base Switch doesn’t need additional wire. Just replace your current light switch with the Base Switch using existing wires. The installation is the same as with a traditional light switch.
  • What kind of battery does Gecko Switch use?
    The Base Switch does not require batteries. The Gecko Switch requires two common AAA batteries.
  • What types of wall surfaces do the Gecko Glue sticks best to?
    The Gecko Glue works best on flat, smooth, and clean surfaces, including stainless steel, plastic, cement, glass, wood, smooth plaster and wall paint. Not recommended for use on wallpaper, delicate surfaces or walls painted with delicate flat paint. It may damage some substrates upon removal.
  • What countries does the Gecko Switch work in?
    The Gecko Switch works in North America (US and Canada), South America, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, South Africa, and Australia. However we plan to have a EU version in the future for countries in Europe, including UK, Middle East, and Singapore. If your country is not listed above, please email to to ask.

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